Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Support Jenni's Music - Vote!

A couple of my songs are currently up on a site called, which is a competition site for indie music. Grand prize is $5000 for the top winning song for each month, and then they have smaller prizes for "channel" winners. (i.e. my 2 songs are on the "instrumental" and "solo instrumental" channels).

I just learned about this site a few weeks ago, and thought what the heck it couldn't hurt to put my music up on there. Well, apparently two of my songs made it into the quarter-finals (top 20 of hundreds on each channel) and today is the last day for judging to get my songs into the top 10 for the final round.

A Beautiful Storm , by Jennifer Thomas on OurStage Fly Away, by Jennifer Thomas on OurStage

(These banners are not updated, but as last night both songs were in the #1 spot for their channel - Very cool!).

Anyway - anyone can vote. If you listen to music while you work or at home anyway, this would be really fun. Just follow the instructions above on each respective banner to start judging. Right now, I'm being judged against the other top 19 artists for my channels. Quarter Finals end at midnight May 28th, but that's just to get me into the top 5. If I make that, then the idea would be to keep voting for me afterwards too - so I can hopefully win the channel prize as well. Thanks everyone! Your support is appreciated!

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