Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blogging Saturday (Week in Review)

Monday is usually my blogging day. I love Blogging Mondays because I get to start my week by reliving all the moments that happened the previous week through journalistic words and digital stills.

However, today it is Blogging Saturday. Night.

Will is watching a football movie (yawn), Preston is fast asleep (yawn), which means...I am obviously doing neither of those.

I am here to tell you...

That I finished a home decor project. Bookshelves at that.

The little guy and I spent several hours basking in the beautiful Seattle sunshine to accomplish this task.
Yes, I do realize that "beautiful Seattle sunshine" is in fact an oxymoron. And we were in fact, in the shade.

But back to us now, here is my helper.

As you can see, he loved every minute of it.

So the shelves went from woodstained to...


Here is the finished result. We also moved the piano to a new spot. I dig it.

I also wanted you to know that Preston thinks it is really special that he gets to sit on the big peoples couch. All by himself.

This looks tells me, "'re invading my blanket eating time."

On that note, we did not in fact eat blankets last night.

I thought it was high time that we spiced up our Friday night again. So we had a romantic candlelit dinner in the privacy of our own dining room.

Amazingly enough, Preston slept through most of it, allowing us the chance to talk, talk, and talk. It was really nice and, well, just really nice.

I love and adore William Edgar Thomas.

Will wanted you to know that our little baby often falls asleep looking like he is praying.

I want you to know that Will hasn't shaved in 4 days.

and that my hair is finally growing longer. And I'm finally shedding some pregnancy pounds with a LOT of hard work.

And the last thing you should know...

is that I had no part in the above entertainment.

You have to admit though, it is quite funny. :)

P.S. We love the Northwest.

Here's why. (All photos by Carolyn Southworth)

Why does Mt Baker remind me of an ice cream sundae?

I know why. It's because I'm dieting, and everything looks like an ice cream sundae to me.

P.P.S. That 75 mile hiking blog is currently underway by the Mr., and will be coming very very soon. Good things come to those that wait. :)


Carolyn said...

Cute blog Jen. Just for you information, the photos you posted of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan were mine, not dad's!

I sure have a cute grandson, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Love the post-you look so great! If only I could get my hair as long as yours! lol. Can't wait to see you! N

Steve and Ileana said...

You're so funny Jenni! Your little comments about your pictures are so witty. And I love the little guy, he is so dang cute! I have such a cute nephew!