Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Will: Part 2

To my Studmuffin,

I'm glad you enjoyed the 12th row 20 yard line tickets to the BYU vs. U of W game on Saturday. And the free parking. And the fact that all three of us got to go.

Personally, I really enjoyed people watching. :) And your many attempts to explain to me what a first down is.


I think our little guy endured his first football game okay. Hopefully he can still hear.


You blended in quite well with all the other bajillion Mormon dads carrying their babies around in Baby Bjorns, but I mut say you two were definitely the most handsome.

Even with your 4-day old scruff.


And of course the little adventure after the football game was fun too.


I have been enduring wiping up pink berry flavored spitup all day. But Preston seems to be handling the antibiotics like a champ.

I'm glad that we finally got a chance to enjoy Seattle in good weather. Pretending to be tourists was a blast. I am sad that we missed the last departing Duck tour, at least we got to take pictures underneath the Space Needle and ride the ferris wheel.



Thanks for being a kid with me again. Let's do it again! I love you so much.

It's your turn to plan our next outing, by the way.

With armfuls of loves and kisses,



Dan Thomas said...

Boy Preston sure has red hair. I wonder where he got that? I think it looks very nice on him.

The High Family said...

I want to visit Seattle now!!

Mama Dew said...

Oh, I remember when we were tourists at the space needle when I was pregers with Missy Moo. That was a lot of fun. It's too bad we haven't been able to hang out as much of late... ahhhhh, memories.

Saving Grace said...

That BYU game was AMAZING!! You should've seen my apartment complex after we won!! Gotta love BYU!!

Peggy said...

Mark was in Ireland phoning me to listen in on the final outcome of the game. He was quite content after learning the score! He loves BYU football!

carlen said...

what a fun FAMILY DAY you guys had! and great pictures!!!

(sorry for poor little Preston though!!!)

Anonymous said...

I love it! :) YOu guys look so cute-and Jen you look amazing. I was just reading my other friends blog who live here and they were at the same game. Only they really were tourists! It was fun to read both your postings-apparently it was one action packed game! I would have been right with you in having to have A. explain what the heck the first down is and much, much more of the game. Although I think the end I would have gotten. LOL Tennis, basketball, baseball- any of those I understand, but alas football seems out of my league. hahaha!

Anyway, I am so glad you guys had such a great time! Love ya-N