Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by NieNie's Blog

Over the past several weeks, I had been hearing a lot about the couple in Arizona who were in a serious private airplane crash. I suppose this bit of news is much more prevelant down there where it happened, but even up here in Seattle it is being talked about quite a lot. Particularly in the blogging community.

I tend to stear clear of whatever is super popular. For example, I refuse to read those Twilight series of books just because everyone else is. I also refuse to buy skinny jeans. And I avoid the sushi phenominom.

I also had been avoiding the whole NieNie thing just because everyone was talking about it, and blogging about it.

But last night, I finally relented and decided to go and read.

Before I knew it, more than an hour had passed and I was still on NieNie's blog reading it. During that space of time I found myself laughing, smiling, gazing at cute photos, wonderful pictures, reading about being a mother and loving it, feeling uplifted, inspired, wanting to treat every day special, take care of my baby better, treat my husband like he is a king and let everyone else know what a sexy hunk he is. And most of all - just enjoy life.

And then reality brought me back and I remembered that this wonderful blog I was reading was the property of this husband and wife that are in a hospital in Arizona. Christian was burned over 20% of his body, while his wife, Stephanie suffered burns over 80% of her's and is fighting for her life.

I wanted to cry for them. I wanted to give her children hugs. I wanted to give my own family hugs.

And so here I am, 4:53 a.m. on a Thursday morning, just after an early morning feeding with my baby and unable to go back to sleep because my mind is still thinking about NieNie.

I don't really know what I wanted to say in this blog. Just share my thoughts. I loved NieNie's post where she explained why she blogged:

"Why blog?I blog because I love my life. Because I love my children. Because I love that Mr. Nielson of mine. I blog because right now gigs in the sink taking a tub and it is sooooo cute and I love to share that type of information with you.

And because yesterday in a brief moment of intense sugar thoughts, I made cookies and now my children have had them for dinner AND breakfast. I like you to know of that.I blog because I can make a few bucks.

I blog because I can publicly share my love for my Savior Jesus Christ and because I can invite peeps to church. Want to come?I blog because I can take really awesome pictures of myself.That's why."

Our prayers are with the Nielson family. To find out how you can help, visit her sister's blog cJane. From cJane's blog she wrote: "This Thursday has been declared by Design Mom as Nie Nie Day. There are many ways to celebrate, including hosting a silent auction via your blog comments. I saw tonight that there has been a massive response by bloggers and crafters to join in and raise money for the Recovery Fund. We love you and then we take a deep breath and love you some more. Same goes for all the wonderful fundraising going on all over the globe."

I plan to donate 1/2 of all of my September CD sales to NieNie's fund. Click here to order from my website:


Kate said...

Isn't her blog awesome? It always lifts my spirits. Sometimes things are popular for a good reason...but, not skinny jeans. Those are dumb. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had not heard about any of this. I will have to go over and read her blog- but I will have to do it when I know I have time for a good cry. It is amazing how one life can touch so many others in such a small way for good.

PS I will post today on the belly blog-I have been woefully behind, sorry! N

Our family said...

Jenni - I just spent about an hour on her blog. Wow - this blog left me with an amazing feeling of how blessed I am. Thanks for sharing, I had heard a little bit about the story down here in Utah, but didn't know about the blog.

Our family said...

Thanks Jenni! I'm doing my part to help through you! I just ordered your CD!


Chelle said...

It's easy to steer away from things that "everyone is doing" but when you hear their story, you can't help but be drawn to them and their beautiful perspectives on life, love and faith. I love how everyone that hears their story comes away with a renewed zest and immense gratitude for life. That is the true beauty of their story.

One of our YW leaders has a daughter who is friends with Stephanie. To show our support, we participated in the Nie Nie Day balloon launch for a YW activity. As our messages of hope floated into the air, everyone was completely silent. It was an amazing night for our girls, but also for the leaders.