Friday, September 5, 2008

Dear Will

You know I have been feeling inspired this week by NieNie's blog and her ability to share her love for life and for her family. I want to honor her by writing letters to my husband as well.

May this be the first of many.

To my hunkalicious one,

How is your Friday treating you? I enjoyed our little family shindig last night where we ate strawberries and sparkling cidar in flukes for absolutely no reason at all while listening to our son jibber-jabber at us the entire time.

However I'm sorry that part of the reason we were chillin' was due to you throwing your back out from lifting said son incorrectly.

Not to fear, I have something planned for you tomorrow that will require nothing more than sitting.

I've got it all taken care of. Just be sure to wear your team colors (hint), put on some sunscreen, and be ready to have fun! Thing is, I don't know if your team colors are blue and white, or purple and gold. And then be ready for another adventure afterwards involving us pretending to be tourists in downtown Seattle. Hmmmm....

Preston and I will be waiting for you for a fun Friday night together. I'll be the one with the smile on my face looking at you and thinking how glad I am to be married to you. He'll be the one with drool. :)

Until I see you in, oh, about 2 hours from now.


Your Babalicious Wifey

P.S. If you want to know how talented I am, I typed this one-handed while feeding the little guy and eating a sandwich.

P.S.S Can you bring up the mountain of TP I bought from Costco? It's in my car. Thanks. This is why I love you.


The High Family said...


LOVE IT! he's a LUCKY man! :)

The High Family said...

oh and are you routing for PSU tomorrow to beat Oregon State...

you better be! j/k ;)

have fun you two! oops...I mean three!

Jenni said...

Shhhh don't tell Will......(although I'm sure he already has it figured out of course)....but it's BYU vs. U of W. It's going to be huge. We even have friends who are flying in from out of state for this game. CRAZY. I got 12th row tickets. Ssshhhhhh.

Jenni said...

From the 20 yard line too. Visitor side. So I guess we'll be rooting for our college afterall. LOL

The High Family said...


uh did I ay that too loud? LOL

btw- you lok so pretty in that pic!

4give- 1 handed ugh

Dan Thomas said...

How can you bring up a mountain of TP with a bad back? I am sure lots of trips might make it OK.

Sandy said...

I know it's silly, but your post made me cry. But, I wish we were with you at the game!!!

The Paulks said...

Well, I'm super impressed about your talents of feeding a child, eating, and typing with one hand. Nice job.

Preston is so dang cute, by the way. He's growing like a weed. How are you guys holding up?!

I'm ready to pop, literally. I can't wait for this baby to come out...

Jenni said...

What a sweet little note. It's amazing how fragile life really is, and how it takes a tradigdy to make you appreciate all that you have.

It seems like you just had Preston! He is getting so big! What a handsome little man he is, a perfect mix of the two of you. Isn't photobucket, a wonderful thing? Im addicted.

Carlen was my YW leader 8-9 years ago, she is amazing, and the sweetest thing ever. When I went off to college, she just had Tanner and was pregnant.. I bet she makes having five children look easy, total wonder woman!

Suguturaga Family said...

OKAY now... Did Will get to go to that CA-RAZY BYU game? Sitani and I watched it from the comforts of our living room but were wishing that we were there. What a game!!! It was sad that it had to end with that kinda call at the end.

Jenni said...

Thanks babe! That was such a fun day. The game was as good as they come and playing downtown Seattle afterward as a family of lots of fun. It was a day that will be full of great memories for me! Thanks Jenni! I love you!

Will Thomas said...

Opps, that probably looked weird. That was from me: Will. Looks like you were still logged into blogger. I love you! from the right person this time.